Carpark Lovers

by Cedric Street Exorcist

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Carpark Lovers is the debut release from Cedric St Exorcist. It’s the tale of an office affair, where lust and desire have battled love and devotion and won.

Part of a series of recording by Cedric St Exorcist taking place in The Barn studio run by Leigh Gardiner, where musicians are given ideas to collaborate and turn into a basic track in one session to be recorded. Leigh then writes and records lyrics and mixes the song.


When she asked to meet again his eyes turned to cellophane
And his hands would linger on the ring garnishing her finger
But the lace that peaked out between the buttons on her blouse
He knew he would only succumb to her

Soft radio tones tried to hide their callous moans
the windows grew mist with their deepening breath
She pulled at his tie to test what it hides
and dragged him down from above her

Keeping her secrets was his insurance
Cause up until now she had kept to her vows
Hearts like a house wine the dregs of what's left behind
Didn't want to hurt any others carpark lovers

Her fingernails ran along the back of his hand
As she passed expenditures that require his signature
From her wayward fringe her eyes met with his
And they met when the moonlight took over

Keeping his secrets was her insurance
cause anything she told spread like office cold
The years he'd worked harder climbing the ladder
would be worthless if she blew his cover, carpark lovers

His roulette of partners used to him working all hours
And getting in late and going for a shower
The pleasure to smell her when he undid his trousers
he knew there couldn't be any other Carpark Lovers


released March 29, 2016
Featuring Erin Gordon (Louis and the Honkytonk) on drums and keys, Rohin Hawksley (Celebrator) on guitar and lap steel and Jaxon Taylor (Louis and the Honkytonk) on bass. Recorded and mixed by Leigh Gardiner, mastered by Sam Ford.



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Cedric Street Exorcist Perth, Australia

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